Friday 14 August 2015

Taking the Lifestyle Less Traveled

I could very well remember the time when a sensible man told me something that forever changed my outlook in life. A simple statement which made a great impact; the words which he shared was nothing out of the ordinary. “It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save”, was what he said. During that time it seemed pointless to me, but the more I live my life… the more sense it made.

At an early age, I was able to land a job that made me earn a lot. Not to the extent that it could buy me a house, but let’s just say it was enough for me to eat at different elegant restaurants three times a day. However, we must take into consideration that most of this high paying jobs require much of us in return. As a result, it was also the time when I befriended stress. It might be because of poor time management or some other factor which made me feel stressed. The more stress I experienced; the more I would pamper myself. Considering that I was earning big, I also wanted to relax myself just like what any other top earners would do. Most people would rationalize that they are just making up for something that they lack in the past, some would even call it the psychology of deprivation (Just wanted to make a correction on this, it is more accurate when called as Psychology of Privation), whatever the reasons… face it, it will haunt you later on when you reach the point in time where you’re no longer as productive as you are.

The words coming from the wise man never really sank into me when I was in a stature where everything was in abundance; but it was time and experience that made me realize the insight it brings. One morning I woke up, dazed from last night’s work, and observed all the different things scattered in my room. The first impression that it gave me was that the crib which gave me rest is really a mess. Having read a lot of books about stress, I remembered that scatters also contribute to it. It was a laid-back day and I decided to clean my room. First thing is first; I wanted to separate the needed stuff from trash and in order to do so I wanted to label them appropriately. After an exhausting time of doing what needs to be done, I encountered a marvelous discovery; approximately eighty percent of what I own was labeled as trash. Now I was in a situation where I would be dumping these things or giving them out. In the process of doing so, something at the back of my mind really bothered me. Seven months ago, I spent a percentage of my income to buy these things and now I am going to throw it away. Curious as to the value of the trash that I was planning to move out, I took a calculator and started reminding myself of the price of each item. After a series of addition, the figure showed up, another prodigy was revealed. If I am able to sell these things at their original price, it would provide me earnings amounting to my two-month salary combined; a price that would be able to start a small scale business. It was only then that I really understood what that simple statement meant; it’s how to spend your money wisely.

After that day, I had a whole new perspective when it comes to spending. Not to the point that it would now cut the quality of life I am enjoying but to devise means on how to enjoy the same quality without the need for exhausting one’s earnings. For two years of trying to avoid the unwanted spending, I practiced a habit that made me save, one of those ordinary verbs in our dictionary that provides us the capability to start our money making machines later on.

·         Everybody knows this but only a few recognize it; spend only on the things that you need.

·         Quality is not all about brand; status symbol is.

·         It is worth spending for when you know that it will bring more convenience to life.

·        Another idea that everyone is aware but fails to consider, live within your means.

·         Outlay on things that will bring about additional income.

·         If it makes you feel good because it made you help people then it’s worth it.

·     Any endeavor without a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) goal is pointless;the same is also true in saving. Through this you are to evaluate how effective you are.

We know that these things that I have mentioned are simply but a few of the so-many ways to save while enjoying life. Although in due time we would be able learn more from experience, it would be best if we become acquainted to them earlier. Please leave comments that will help us learn more regarding this issue. Helpful comments would be greatly appreciated as our readers would be able to realize more of the secrets in saving.

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