Friday 1 April 2022

Animated Data Visualization


Photo by Pok_Rie | Pixabay

Data Visualization One. This presents the Road Traffic Deaths during 2019 from different countries worldwide; it also showcases the top countries with recorded deaths. 

Data Visualization Two.This data visualization displays an animated bar chart that presents the top countries in terms of COVID-19 cases total per million. The IDE used is Spyder, the language is Python, and libraries include pandas, bar_chart_race, and researchpy. The data shown is the number of cases in proportion to the population which provides a clearer picture of just how widespread the disease is more than just the number of cases. 

Data Visualization Three.This data visualization presents two decades of net income of the company from three different branches. The visualization is created using IDE RStudio, Programming Language R, and Libraries that include openxlsx, ggplot2, gganimate, magick, extrafont, and gifski. 

Data Visualization Four.This animation presents the number of units sold for each gadget (cellular phone, laptop, computers, and tablet) from 2004 to 2021. The IDE used is RStudio, the Programming Language is R, and the Libraries include openxlsx, ggplot2, magick, gganimate, extrafont, and gifski.

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