Data Products

 Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Development of data products are usually aimed to add convenience among data enthusiasts. Rather than have an on call data analyst, data products allow people who may not have technical expertise in data management and processing to explore patterns and associations in huge data. It is most suited for data driven decision makers to check what's happening in their operations on the fly. Have it accessed anywhere they can be online and give thorough look into variables of interest at any time. Apart from aforementioned, data products could also involve applications that assists analysts or researchers in various computations which makes their work easier and efficient.

Here are a few examples of data products I have developed; click the link to view:

ForcaZ application which automates forecasting of student enrollment

RSamplingz application for computation of Sample Size 

GTExac application for Text Analysis and Correlations

Licensure Examinaton Results of Schools within Bacolod City