Wednesday 27 April 2022

Data Products

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List of my Sample Data Applications. 

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  • ForcaZ: It is an online application designed for the convenience of administrators in the academe in providing enrollment forecast to be used for purposes of budget preparation as estimates for probable revenues. It utilizes ARIMA models to create projections of student enrollment for the next two academic years. Depending on the uploaded dataset, it can utilize ARIMA models involving both with and without component of Seasonality. 
  • RSamplingZ: A package geared to make computations of sample size convenient for researchers. It includes sample size formulas such as: Cochran's Formula, Modified Cochran,  Sample size estimation based on the Mean, Sample size estimation using Power and mean, and Sample size estimation using Power and Proportion. It also allows users to randomly or systematically select elements from the Population (via the Master List) that will be included in the Sample Size. 

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