PIA Virtual Assistant


I created PIA to have some assistance when I'm coding (opening my applications, playing my music, searching stuff online, checking my internet speed and memory use etc.). It also responds to commands such as providing definitions of specific words, jotting down conversations, answering math, science, and questions on finance (makes use of various APIs), sending of emails,  and etc. Since I teach part-time, I also thought about it assisting me in doing some routines. I have given it a go during the pandemic when learning online became a norm. It helps me out in recording learners' attendance ( saves it in a .txt file), introducing myself to the learners, giving an orientation in terms of the performance evaluation and e-classroom guidelines and etc. The robotic voice can be changed but the license I purchased for the premium voice is only for personal use so my learners and other folks have to stick with this kind of voice (for now...).

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