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I'm Paolo

Researcher and Data Scientist

I am in a dynamic pursuit towards furthering one's knowledge and skills in data science via engagement in meaningful data science projects that leads to positive outcomes for the society. I also have a passion in research and development management; teaming up with knowledge workers and enabling them to exude that creativity which translates to innovative technologies for the betterment of humanity is always something that excites me. On a macro-level I am a determined strategic planner; there's nothing more satisfying than being one of the key players in making an organization realize its desired future.

Skills & Info

Strategic Planning
Operations Research
Research Project Planning
Research Project Control
Research Instrument Development and Testing
Data Mining
Data Analysis
Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
R Programming
Python Programming
SPSS - Statistics
SPSS - Modeler
  • Current Role Director, Research and Planning
  • Github Dcroix
  • Site www.ptcsitesresearch.com
  • E-mail ai@ptcsitesresearch.com
  • At Work till Forever

How I Can Help

Strategic Planning

We'll derive meaningful key result areas, measurable performance indicators and reasonable expected outcomes from your Vision, Mission and Goals.

Operations Research

Let's further your organization's decision making processes via data driven and analytical approaches in improving operations to meet targets.

Data Analysis

Indeed we can crunch data until it spews something interesting; I make sure the process is logical and that we use approaches that meet assumptions.

Data Products

These tools enable decision makers to manage data and create meaningful aesthetic charts in pronto; spare your analysts from those mundane tasks.

Data Mining

Data has become more available and those who know where and how to ethically extract them have the competitive advantage.

Machine Learning

Predictive analytics has become easier to come by with AI packages; of course I'll guide it to ensure that accuracy and efficiency is balanced.


Data Science Projects


Data Analysis Projects


Students Taught


Survey Instruments


Sample Data Science Projects. Cognizant of ethics with emphasis on confidentiality, these work on either course provided, user generated or open access data.

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  • GithubDcroix
  • Address6100 Bacolod City, Philippines.
  • Emailai@ptcsitesresearch.com